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Chicago Tribune music critics have named Chopin 200: Grazyna Auguscik's World Sound one of the "don't miss" concerts of summer 2010. An excerpt from the article appears below.

Howard Reich & John von Rhein, Chicago Tribune critics

June 18, 2010
JAZZ - free shows

Grazyna Auguscik

The Chicago-based Polish singer owns one of the more distinctive voices in jazz, and she'll put it to unusual use here: celebrating the bicentennial of Frederic Chopin's birth. Many jazz musicians have proved that Chopin's ineffably poetic music easily lends itself to jazz improvisation, and it will be intriguing to hear Grazyna Auguscik's response to her countryman's enormous legacy.

She'll be joined by accordionist Jarek Bester and the Andrzej Jagodzinski Trio, from Poland, plus Chicagoans Howard Levy on harmonica and piano and Paulinho Garcia on guitar.